State parish decides to allow gambling after poll

The Associated Press said seven other parishes were still too close to call, meaning only five had made the crucial decision not to. Catahoula, Franklin, LaSalle, West Carroll and Winn are the rural communities expected to say “no” to sports betting, while Beauregard, Caldwell, Grant, Jackson, Richland, Sabine and Union are still counting the votes, according to Louisiana. CBS based subsidiary.

Like in Maryland and South Dakota, lawmakers have yet to agree on regulations and tax rates for their markets, which will happen in the 2021 legislative session. Best-case scenario weather is a late launch 2021. The most likely scenario is a launch in 2022.

Halo69 It was a predictable outcome considering the state had a similar vote two years ago when 47 communities voted to legalize daily fantasy sports competitions for real money.

According to Baton Rouge Lawyers, the estimate of potential tax revenue from sports betting remains unclear.

With legalization in Maryland, South Dakota and Louisiana coming this election cycle, 24 states allow sports betting, although some have yet to roll out.

The infamous Wire Act has been repeatedly cited as one of the most important pieces of legislation regulating online gambling. In its original form, dating back to 1961, the Wire Act only applies to sports betting.

However, the US Department of Justice under the Trump administration and then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions attempted to reinterpret the Wire Act in 2019. Their goal was to make it applicable to all other types of gambling by online, including online casinos and online poker. . As such, the Wire Act only applies to sports bets when they are placed.

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