You don’t want to invest in more than one online gambling bet

Searching for the meaning of “rules of thumb” in hold’em games Last Sunday, Judy and I were the first to come. She is an adorable young grandmother who manages the dining room of the center for the elderly very well. After our usual greetings, he asked if there was what he called a “rule of thumb” for playing preflop with a small and medium (medium) pocket. “It seems like it happens a lot,” he explained. Several more had arrived, so we agreed to continue our discussion the following week.

Halo69 When I got home that afternoon, I couldn’t wait to find out what the “rule of thumb” meant. On my computer, I learned that these were “generally definite guidelines or principles, based on experience or practice rather than theory”. Going further, according to Wikipedia, a rule of thumb is “a principle of broad application that is not intended to be absolutely precise or reliable in all situations.

“It’s an easy-to-learn, easy-to-use technique for doing rough calculations or memorizing certain values ​​or making determinations.” This, of course, suits the game of hold’em, which is more than enough. in almost all situations.

The following week, before the others arrived, we picked up where we left off. I started by convincing Judy that there really are rules of thumb for playing small and medium pairs and that they can be crucial to winning those hands. “That happens a lot when you’re playing hold’em,” he repeated.

I accepted and then explained that the pair would go down to 8-8; small pair 7-7 to 2-2. Middle pairs are considered “premium drawing hands” and can generally be played in any position; conversely, it is best to only invest in small pairs from late positions. Also, for small pocket pairs, multiway pots (three or more opponents waiting to see the flop) and no raises (to get the highest pot odds) are highly desirable.

Judy wanted to know “why the difference?” I explained that a middle pair could be a winner even if it didn’t progress to a set. A small pair almost always needs an upgrade. Other players can easily have or catch a higher pair. Therefore, you should not invest more than one bet before the flop. The odds are around 8 to 1 against catching a set on the flop – sure, but within reach, giving you a good chance of winning a big pot if you hang.

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